1989 Historic Calendar Photos

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You think parking on the beach is tough now!
This was Carnival Week, Hampton Beach, N.H., 1915.

-- JANUARY 1989 --
Seabrook, N.H. Post Office, 1910

-- FEBRUARY 1989 --
Weare's Common, Junction of Rt. 88 & Rt. 1, Lafayette Road, at Hampton Falls, N.H.

Ocean Avenue before 1922

-- MARCH 1989 --
Hampton Beach prior to 1925, Great Boar's Head in Background. Leavitt's Hotel, left backgound; Water Tower (Standpipe), center background.

-- APRIL 1989 --
Grammar School, Hampton, N.H. (formerly Hampton Fire Station #2, American Legion Post #35 Hall & Hampton District Court House.)

-- MAY 1989 --
Hampton River Bridge, "Longest Wooden Bridge in the World," Hampton Beach, N.H.

-- JUNE 1989 --
Ocean Boulevard and Great Boar's Head, north of Cutler's Seaview House & Café

-- JULY 1989 --
The Beach -- The Ashworth Hotel and DeLancey Hotel in 1948.

-- AUGUST 1989 --
Aerial shot looking from Great Boar's Head towards Portsmouth, N.H., along Route #1A known as Ocean Boulevard.

-- SEPTEMBER 1989 --
Portsmouth Road (now Lafayette Road, Route #1) looking north from the Square, Hampton, N.H. Hampton United Methodist Church in center of photograph.

-- OCTOBER 1989 --
Hampton's Mounted Police, left to right: Deputy Chief Dennis Pelletier; PTL Joseph Galvin, PTL Andrew Annicelli, PTL Lee Griffin, Sgt. John Galvin.
[Photo by Budd Perry Memories Studio]

-- NOVEMBER 1989 --
Summer home (center) of Massachusett's Ex. Governor Alvin T. Fuller, in Little Boar's Head, North Hampton, N.H.

-- DECEMBER 1989 --
The Farragut Hotel, Rye Beach, N.H. (No longer there in 2006)

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