Hampton Documents from the New Hampshire Provincial and State Papers Series

Here we will make available selections from the New Hampshire State Papers series that relate to the early years of the town of Hampton, New Hampshire. The State Papers series is described by R. Stuart Wallace as follows:

Students of early New Hampshire history are frequently referred to the State Papers, or in many cases, the Provincial Papers. At other times, they are sent off to find the "Revolutionary Rolls," the "Town Papers," the "Probate Records," or the "Masonian Papers." These terms, tossed about lightly by veteran New Hampshire historians, are generally translated and abbreviated upon the written page as NHSP or NHPP. Should the novice be so bold as to ask the identity of this mysterious historical source, he is directed to a set of forty bound volumes, generally black or dark brown in color, sitting (often neglected) upon an out-of-the-way library shelf. Yet the question remains: What are the State Papers? For starters, the State Papers are correctly named and cited as Nathaniel Bouton, et al., eds., Documents and Records Relating to New Hampshire, 1623-1800, 40 vols. (Concord and Manchester, 1867-1943), and are generally abbreviated NHSP. The name State Papers is the most commonly used short title. As the proper title suggests, the State Papers are a massive compilation of published documents relating to New Hampshire history prior to 1800. While many of the volumes are poorly organized, all are indexed (although the indexing is best for volumes 11 through 40). The bulk of the original "Documents and Records" reproduced in these volumes are to be found in the New Hampshire Division of Records Management and Archives (often simply referred to as the State Archives) and the New Hampshire Historical Society. For students of early New Hampshire history, the State Papers are indispensable. While not the only collection of published primary documents for New Hampshire's early years, the State Papers are undoubtedly the best. [Wallace, R. Stuart, "Notes and Documents: The State Papers?, A Descriptive Guide", Historical New Hampshire, Vol. XXXI, No. 3, Fall 1976, p.]

Below are links to excerpts from select volumes of the series