A List of Deaths in Hampton

The following records come from a small book once in the possession of the late Roland W. "Rollie" Paige of Hampton. In 1987 Mr. Paige allowed William Teschek, Assistant Director of the Lane Memorial Library, to photocopy the book for the library's collection. After Rollie's death in 1990 the original copy of the records disappeared, leaving only the library's photocopy. These photocopies have now been scanned onto the library's website to preserve them even further and to make them more widely available.

These records appear to be the work of one individual, as their 109-year span is all recorded in the same handwriting and apparently at the same time. Mr. Paige's "original" record was obviously not a contemporary, on-going compilation, but must have been made up from some other original, probably privately-kept, records. Who the author of these records was is unknown at present, although there are clues along the way. One entry in 1802 reads "My father died Dec. 20, Age. 83 yrs".

All of these records are included in the two volume set of Hampton vital records published by George Freeman Sanborn, Jr. and Melinde Lutz Sanborn in 1998. They can be found in volume two on pages 473-514.

The List in pdf format , transcribed by Michael Lane. Includes index at the end of the listing.

The following are page images of the actual records, scanned individually as gif files.