Obituary of Deacon Joshua Lane

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Deacon Joshua Lane

June 6, 1696 - June 14, 1766

The New-Hampshire Gazette, and Historical Chronicle, June 20, 1766

Hampton, June 18, 1766. About 26 Years ago the House of Deacon Joshua Lane, of Hampton, was struck with Lightning, which much damaged the same, and altho' many Persons were within, none were hurt ; But on the last Saturday in the Afternoon, in a Thunder Storm, the Deacon being within, with some of his Family, observed, upon hearing a loud Clap of Thunder, that it was much like that, when his House was struck, and going to the Door, there came a Flash of Lightning which first fell on the Top of the Chimney, descended on the Shingles, and proceeded to the Door, where the Deacon was, and immediately put an End to his Life. -- He was an Example of early and steady Piety, a sincere Lover of good Men, especially of the Ministers of the Gospel, and had a high Esteem of the Churches of Christ -- He was a most kind and careful Husband and Father, providing for Soul and Body, remarkable for his pious and dutiful Behaviour to his aged Parents, compassionate to the Poor and Afflicted, honest, faithful and diligent in his Business, beloved and highly esteemed by all who were acquainted with him... his Death is greatly lamented, and his Funeral was attended by a Multitude of People ; had he continued till last Tuesday, he would have compleated his 70th Year...he has left a numerous and hopeful Offspring.

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