Old Home Week Observance

The Hamptons Union, Thursday, August 23, 1923

Vol. XXV, No. 37, p.1

Tomorrow, Friday, the town of Hampton and the Beach will welcome the members of the New Hampshire Old Home Week Association, of which Mr. H. H. Metcalf of Concord, is president, and Hon. Andrew L. Felker, the N. H. Commissioner of Agriculture, is secretary.

An interesting program has been prepared for the occasion, with music by the Temple Quartette of Concord and Down's band.

At one o'clock there will be a reception to the guests at Hotel Ashworth. Dinner will be served to the Speakers of the day, the Quartette, the members of the reception Committee and a few invited guests.

At 2:15 a parade will form in front of the Ashworth and march to the stage opposite the Casino, where the exercises are to be held. The parade will be led by Down's band and the school children, followed by autos conveying the elderly native citizens of Hampton; the town officials, the Reception Committee, Speakers and Quartette.

It is hoped that as many as possible of the elderly natives of the town will be present. Any, of those in town who desire it will be taken to the Beach in autos. Mrs. Lucy A. Marston and Mr. Lewis Perkins are in charge of this part of the program and a telephone call will secure an auto.

The Committee in charge of arrangements, is made up as follows. A General Committee from the Beach Board of Trade: Messrs Ashworth, Taylor and Nutting; the directors of the Hampton Chamber of Commerce and the following: Rev. and Mrs. R. S. Barker, Rev. and Mrs. Bernard Christopher, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Toppan, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Lane, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest G. Cole, Mrs. Lucy A. Marston, Mrs. Edwin L. Batchelder and Mrs. Henry A. Munsey. The Committee in charge of the Children is composed of: Mrs. Toppan, Mrs I. S. Jones, Mrs. Esther B. Coombs, Miss Addie C. Marston, Miss Ruth Barker and Miss Ernestine Cole.

The program will be found below.

[Post Script: Mrs. Lucy A. Marston has prepared a neat little leaflet giving the origin and meaning of Winnacunnet ("Beautiful Place of Pines") and a brief history of the first Settlement in Hampton [in October 1638). The leaflet also contains the poem which she wrote for the Old Home Day exercises nineteen years ago. The leaflets will be sold at 10c each, the proceeds to go for the benefit of the Red Cross.]

Program of Exercises

Old Home Week Observance

Friday, August 24, 1923

1:00 p.m.-- Reception to visitors at the Ashworth. Parade from hotel to platform opposite Hampton Beach Casino where exercises are held.
2:30 p.m. --Song: "Hurrah for Old New Hampshire,": Temple Quartette; Chorus by Audience
Prayer: Rev. Bernard Christopher
Exercises by the Children  
Address of Welcome: Lewis Perkins
Community Singing: "Auld Lang Syne"
Address and Response to Welcome: Henry H. Metcalf, Pres. Old Home Week Assn.
Selection: Temple Quartette
Poem: "The Spirit of Old Home Week" Read by Rev. R. S. Barker
Community Singing: "Nearer My God to Thee"
Address: Andrew L. Felker, Commissioner of Agriculture
Selection: Temple Quartette
Address: Prof. J. A. Tufts, Exeter
Selection: Temple Quartette
Community Singing: "America"